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My Principles In Depth...

To Educate and Inspire

  • Choosing activities that relate to the developmental level and interests of students.
  • Using a great variety of materials, techniques and themes in both 2D and 3D.
  • Introducing art related vocabulary and concepts
  • Modeling curiosity and passion for the subject.
  • Creating bridges between the students work and the work of adult artists.
  • Drawing context for art projects from the children’s own ideas, feelings, and experiences.
  • Providing further context with examples, stories, poems, pictures, nature, music and other art forms.
  • Choosing raw materials over secondary,
  • Employing fundamental art theories and methods.

To Encourage a Sense of Ownership and Pride in the Students Work

  • Hands off their work. As little ‘doing for them’ as possible, and as much encouragement to ‘try it for themselves’ as possible.
  • Displaying their work regularly.
  • Activities are both challenging and achievable.
  • Support and encouragement to finish work.
  • Support to work to a higher standard than they believe they can achieve.

To Foster a Sense of Trust in the Classroom

  • The use of a ‘learning’, rather than a ‘right verses wrong’ model.
  • Giving individual encouragement, assistance and attention.
  • Providing a warm, friendly, fun and positive environment.
  • There is a structured, familiar format to the class time.
  • Physical safety is a priority and risk management strategies are employed.
  • Respecting the child’s right to privacy with regard to sharing of themselves or their work with others.
  • Allowing time and opportunity for communication and reflection.

To Cater for Differing Learning Styles

  • Using a variety of presentation approaches; written, spoken, demonstrative, experiential, visual and 3D samples.

To Encourage Uniqueness in Artistic Expression

  • Giving choices and encouraging self direction.
  • Affirming experimentation.

To Look for Ways to Improve the Teaching Content and Methods

  • Pre -testing out of activities and reviewing after teaching.
  • Self review and regular supervision.
  • Maintaining written lesson plans and unit plans.


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