Helen Savage
Art Works

from 1990 - 2003


The Linen Cupboard

Helen Savage, 2000

"This installation draws on rich, sensual, childhood memories of stacked sheets on hospital shelves. Bed linen has a relationship intimate to the body. Linen within a hospital setting becomes an archetype with the promise of institutionalised comfort and safety, but also representing mass anonymity, and tight 'hospital corners' and the covering up of death. My present work stems from these ideas."



The Linen Cupboard has been installed in various venues around Christchurch included the Centre of Contempory Art, The Globe Cafe, and a Colombo Street Arcade.


Helen plays with the viewer's sense of perception and understanding by placing the linen shelves out of reach and having the number of shelves stretch to the edge of the viewer's comprehension.



Several of Helen's pieces include the use of grid patterns and repetition. This can be seen in the Linen Cupboard, The Bedroom Scroll, 12 Goes 15 Years and the Hymms To The Silence.


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